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The crypto market is developing at a rapid pace, and today it is already difficult to surprise anyone with the possibility of paying for goods and services with Bitcoin, affiliate cryptocurrency networks, and the use of blockchain as one of the technologies of increased, if not ultimate security. Due to the almost universal applicability of cryptocurrency technologies, new projects from different areas are also actively emerging and developing.
The crypto project that we helped popularize with the engagement invitation video is also quite innovative. Its goal is to improve the quality of online content by rewarding the creators of the best pieces with tokens.
While our team was in charge of the production of engage promo video for this project, it at the same time was a test of skills and working process as we were working under tight deadlines. We could come up with this engagement video shoot right on time and achieve its main goal. The core purpose of this video was to present the key features and benefits of a new crypto-powered project for the target audience and explain the project’s value as clearly as possible.
Also, this engagement video is one more proof of how video marketing may work with the purpose of explaining the projects’ specifics, benefits, and values, especially in cases when the solution itself is technically complex. This cryptocurrency explainer video is quite able of sharing the project pitch with the target users and investors as well since it perfectly combines the features of the explainer and demo video, has reasonable length and follows the best practices of visual storytelling.

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