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Emotional fullness and the ability to evoke feelings are what separates video marketing from all other advertising approaches. And since most of the decisions we make are triggered by emotion, emotion-driven video marketing is a good strategy for many businesses. A beauty salon is no exception, especially if it is located in such a magical corner of the planet like Bali. That’s why creating a beauty salon video to let the potential customers get the first impression is always a worthy idea.

As a part of this project, our creative team was hired to develop a beauty salon promo video. Since this salon is located in Bali, in a place where the most outstanding personalities from all over the world flock, it would be illogical to use a traditional approach in creating this beauty salon promotional video. While working on this project, we were looking for unconventional solutions, since the target visitors of this salon do not tolerate stereotyped approaches. Otherwise, they would not be able to live in Bali, making this island the center of creative, spiritual, and intellectual development. Thus, they expected something outstanding but still realistic from the beauty salon promo video.

In our beauty parlour salon video, we tried to focus not only on the environmental friendliness of this salon but also on the atmosphere of the island with the help of music, unexpected frame changes, and atypical faces of the characters. This approach allows for showcasing the backstage of the establishment in their beauty salon ad video, showing the services the customers may get and diving into the atmosphere, simultaneously setting the right mood for the viewers.

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