3D Motion Graphic Design - Your Reasons to Bet on It in 2021

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3D Motion Graphic Design

Despite 3D isn’t the newest approach to design, video production, and marketing, it is still relevant. Its prospective features, a lot of room for creativity, and affordability make 3D motion graphics one of the top approaches large and small brands bet on. Let’s find out what makes this technology so demanded and what value does it promise for business.


3D Animation Market Growth

There is no doubt that the global 3D animation market is growing each year. Its rapid growth is also streamlined by the pandemics since more and more companies are looking for new ways to stay competitive in the digital space.

According to the research, this market was estimated at $14,087.46 million in 2018 and is expected to reach $33,784.6 million by 2026. Thus, 3D motion graphic design is quite trendy, and more and more companies are looking for opportunities to use it in their marketing strategies.

We kindly invite you to join this competitive race since one of the key guarantees of your 3D animation marketing is getting in touch and partnering with a reliable 3D production vendor.


3D Animation Benefits and Values

If you compare 2D animation vs 3D animation pros and cons for marketing, you will find out that the latter has a lot of competitive advantages. For instance:

  • 3D animation ensures the high quality of the final product. This approach to video creation allows for revealing a lot of creative opportunities, making your marketing video a work of art.
  • 3D is good for brand style development. Since 3D motion capture has no creative boundaries, this video production technique is great for developing your brand style. It allows for creating vivid and memorables heroes, who will share and promote your brand values among your target audience. Also, there are a lot of sources for 3D motion graphics inspiration so you can be sure that your creative professionals will always be in search of new ways to make your 3D video even more appealing to your users.
  • 3D is quite affordable. The times when only Disney could afford 3D graphics have long been in the past. Now, this technology has become available to a wide audience for a reasonable price, and therefore more and more brands are using 3D video in their marketing and design strategies.
  • Your users love 3D videos as well. Since creating a 3D video equals creating a top-notch and engaging video product, modern users are quite fond of them. 3D text motion graphics allow for telling engaging, emotion-driven, and real-life stories which are so important for creating the feeling of belonging to a certain brand. This is just the perfect opportunity to show a non-obtrusive brand ad that will reach users’ hearts.



If you are looking for a winning marketing strategy, 3D video has the potential to become its integral part. What’s more, 3D videos are perfectly reusable and can be shared across different marketing channels to create a holistic brand impression and capture your prospective leads. Get in touch with us if you need help with top-notch 3D graphics and video creation and we will be able to find a creative path to your users’ hearts!