How Motion Can Help Your Startup

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Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is quite a simple video production approach, however, it can be very promising for newly created companies. Here are the main ways to use motion design for startups plus the main benefits you can get.


Show Your Vision

Motion graphics and videography is a great way to tell the world about your ideas using visual and audio tools. What’s more, because of the motion video simplicity, it becomes possible to visually talk about any project, including complex and technical ones. In this case, your motion video may work as a kind of explainer for your potential users or become something like a business card of your company.

Also, a motion may be useful for startup development when it comes to attracting investments. Surely, you should always have a white paper and a competent business plan, however, motion video is an easy and quick way to show your investors how your product or service works, and why it is promising.

Explain the Users’ Journey

When it comes to complex projects, it always makes sense to divide them into several comprehensive and doable parts. For example, the users’ journey prototyping is one of the startup development stages. Creating the users’ journey with the help of motion video for a startup quickly allows for visualizing and clarifying your initial ideas, thereby, opening up new opportunities for improvement.

Improve Landing’s Page Conversion

Motion design elements embedded on your landing page make it more attractive, engaging, and alive. Users begin to show positive behavioral factors because of the better engagement due to the motion videos, and your project gets better chances of being discovered in organic search. Also, there are a lot of researches proving that videos are great for conversion-boosting.

Attract More Attention During a Conference or Expo

For example, you may broadcast a motion video for your startup company during specialized conferences, exhibitions, and expositions. Most motion videos don’t lose their essence even when muted so you may expect attention from potential partners and investors. But, surely, your video should be engaging and clear for the viewers.

Boost Your Social Media Results

Short but engaging motion videos are perfect for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. What’s more, each of the platform offers its unique opportunities for promoting a video with the help of free features and paid advertising. Also, promo videos are easily shareable so, with the help of an engaging motion video for a startup, you will be able to attract a lot of interested users quickly and start building a community around your brand.

Highlight Your Brand’s Identity

Using branded elements, colors, and fonts in your motion videos are one more way to make an emphasis on your brands’ identity, improve recognition, and start building strong associations in the minds of your target users.

Final Words

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to use animation in advertising, a lot of reasons to do it, and a lot of benefits to get as the result. What’s more, our animation advertising company is here to help you with creating such an animation piece that will perfectly fit your brand’s style and marketing strategy. Let’s get in touch today to schedule a free consultation!