Two Ways to Design Your Own Mobile App

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In a dynamic mobile application market, the winner is the one who can offer the best solution to the user's problem for a reasonable fee, combining simplicity and quality within one application. The simplicity and quality as the parts of the whole may be described with one word - mobile user experience. The experience your mobile app offers to your users may become your competitive edge or the reason to never use your solution again. With the first and the ultimate goal in mind, we are here to offer you the high-end mobile UI / UX design creation to meet the changing expectations of your target users, follow the latest mobile and web design trends, and add value to your offer through the engaging and enjoyable mobile user experience(UX). 1

The top-notch UI and UX design will never be a challenge for your project since our mobile developers are right here to help with your mobile design architecture and prototyping. Feel free to review the successful projects we’ve contributed to and get in touch with us for more details and instant assistance in mobile UI design and development!


Getting Started with Your Mobile App Design in 5 Easy Steps

After your future mobile application idea is validated, it’s time to think about its design. What will your solution look like? What colors do you plan to use to convey your values and inspire trust? What’s special about your mobile user experience that makes your app really outstanding? In a nutshell, how to do mobile app design?

We know the answers to these and some other questions so let’s walk along the right path of designing your application.

Two Ways to Design Your Own Mobile App

Basically, there are two ways to go. You may either use mobile app design templates or bet on custom design creation. Below are the main pros and cons of both approaches.

Out-of-the-box design

  • You need neither creative nor coding skills to use a template for your future app design.
  • Creating an out-of-the-box design can be quite speedy since you don’t need to create something from scratch.
  • Templated designs are quite affordable.
  • Templated design can never be unique. Such an approach doesn’t allow for showing your personality, values, and other distinctive features.
  • The design you’ve picked for your app may already be used by your competitor. Thus, there is a risk of brands confusion.
  • The predeveloped design is always limited - you can’t create anything new within its framework.

Custom design

  • You are free to realize everything you want. The customized design has no limits so you may create it until reaching your ideal.
  • Customized design is your chance to make the right first impression. The first impression is always visual so you should do your best to come up with a convertible and selling design.
  • Unique design improves your brand recognition. Your future application design is always a part of your brand style, so this is one more opportunity to improve your brand recognition and establish the right associations in the minds of your target users.
  • The unique design takes some time since the designers should carefully think through UI and UX, match it with your future sales funnel (the latter is equally relevant for web and mobile app design), convey your core values, and meet the expectations of your target audience. However, this effort has better chances of ROI generation compared to the out-of-the-box design.
  • The custom design always costs more compared to the templates usage (some of which may even come for free), however, choosing the right design and development vendor may help you cut costs without losing quality at each stage of the project creation.

Getting Started With Mobile App Design - the Questions You Should Ask & Answer

Before proceeding to the practical part of your mobile app design, you should find the answers to some essential questions. The right answers to the mobile app design interview questions below will make prototyping easier thereby saving your time and money.

  1. What do your users expect from your app? Answering this question, you should start by analyzing your target audience one more time. What’s specific about them? As for the simplest example, Millennials love online payments so they will never appreciate the retail app without the feature to pay online. And what are the essential features they want to have in their app?
  2. What are your core values? Your core values identification is essential for picking up the right colors since there should be a perfect match from the color psychology and marketing perspective. For example, blue is great for fintech apps design since this is the color of trust and predictability.
  3. What about your competitors? Also, you should analyze the design solutions of your competitors to find ways to differentiate from them.
  4. Are there any UI/UX specifics you want to come up with? Since each startup is specific, your UI and UX design should be specific as well. Answering this question, you should come up with something innovative that will make your users want to try your app. Surely, this innovation should be matched with your design as well.

How to Design Your Mobile App in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Come up with a clear idea of what you want to design. After answering the question above, you will get a strong understanding of where to move further.
  2. Get in touch with a mobile app design company. Our mobile app production agency is right here to help you and answer any questions during a personal consultation.
  3. Create the first prototype of your future app design. At this stage, you will get the first draft of your future design that will be based on your answers to the questions above.
  4. Make changes if necessary and approve the final version. If you want to change and/or improve something, this step is the right time to do it.
  5. Proceed to the next stage of your mobile development. After your design is created and approved, you may move to MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development.



How Much Does It Cost to Design a Mobile App?

The cost of designing a mobile application is always specific and individual. According to the mobile app design guidelines, the final price will depend on the two major factors:

  • The complexity of your design. The more design elements you need to create from scratch, the higher the price will be.
  • The detailed answers to questions in the design brief. The more features and specifics we discuss before designing your app in real life, the less time and effort this process will take.


Thus, custom mobile app design makes the most sense if you want to come up with an outstanding, attractive, and competitive solution. What’s more, you may facilitate this task and cut some costs on it by accurately filling in the design brief. We, at Geek Powr Media, know how to design a mobile app and are ready to assist you at each stage of your project development. Feel free to reach out to us right now!