Product Explainer Video - All-in-One Marketing Solution for Your Business

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Product Explainer Video in a Nutshell

Looking for ways to tell the world about your product, attract interested customers and investors but avoid spending an insane marketing budget? Startup explainer videos can become the all-in-one tools for these and other business purposes.


Product Explainer Video in a Nutshell

Simply put, an explainer video is a short video clip that tells about the specifics, benefits, and features of your product or service. A demo video, a how-to video, in-apps videos, and even a Kickstarter video can be understood as product explainers.

Product Explainer Video Benefits and Use-Cases

Despite all the simplicity of an explainer video as a marketing tool, there are a lot of benefits you may get for your business by creating one.

  • Show problem-solving capabilities. Explainer videos are extremely good when you need to show and tell how exactly your product or service solves the specific problem of users. The only thing you need to do is to create a persona facing a pain point and tell the story of its successful resolution with the help of your business.
  • Demonstrate essential features. When demonstrating the problem-solving capabilities of your product or service, you may also refer to its essential and extra features allowing your customers to get the full impression.
  • Explain complex things with easy terms. An explainer video is a way to visually and simply show how complex technologies, algorithms, and mechanisms work for the benefits of the users.
  • Attract investments. Being placed on Kickstarter or any other crowdfunding platform, an explainer video will work as an elevator pitch, attracting more attention from potential investors. (But make sure to have a white paper and business plan too!)
  • Reach your target audience. Modern users love branded video content. With an explainer video, you get solid chances of attracting the attention of your customers to your product or service.
  • Reuse for different marketing channels. What is more, short explainer videos can be successfully used on your website and blog, YouTube channel, and other social media profiles.

What Makes Good Explainer Videos?

Want to get all the benefits of an explainer video for your business? To achieve this goal, your video should meet the following characteristics.

  • Shortness and simplicity. The main goal of an explainer video creation is to keep it short, simple, and meaningful at the same time. Crisp explainer videos are a good example of this fine balance.
  • Compelling script. Here, the skill of using simple but meaningful words will be as appropriate as possible.
  • Vivid animation. Following the style of your brand in your explainer videos is one more way to enhance your brand recognition.
  • High-quality voice-over and mood-appropriate music. These are the finishing touches to creating your explainer video to help users get the fullest impression.

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So, should you create a video for your business using a product explainer video maker or ask a professional video production company for help? The last way makes more sense since it opens up a lot more creative and customization opportunities for a better representation of your idea. Drop us a line to find out more insights into an explainer video creation!