The Better Hand of Using Promo Videos for Business - 6 Undeniable Benefits

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Main Benefits of Using Video to Promote Your Business

Still in doubt about the effectiveness of promo video as a tool to popularize your business? We are here to finally dispel your doubts.


Main Benefits of Using Video to Promote Your Business

Does video production for a small business really makes sense? In a nutshell, yes. It makes sense for any company aimed at reaching its target users, attracting and engaging them, improving brand awareness, and skyrocketing sales. Here are the main benefits of using promo videos for marketing.

  1. Satisfy the users with the content type they like most. Video is the most popular and the most adorable content type in 2020 and beyond. Experts predict that the share of video content will grow year by year. Right now is the right time to start promoting your business with video marketing beca
  2. Improve your SEO. Modern users love videos, and Google loves them as well. Using videos on your website allows you to achieve better SEO results because of the positive behavior patterns shown by users and increased dwell time on the page. What is more, SEO-optimized video scripts and embedded transcriptions help your video to become better visible in search results according to the specific queries.
  3. Achieve different marketing goals with different video types. Promo videos for business are very versatile. For example, you may create a product video to put it on the product’s page on your website, you may tell the story of your brand to show it on the About Us page, you may use vertical videos to engage the Instagram audience, to create an explainer video to attract investments from the crowdfunding platforms. And the promo-videos use cases aren’t limited to the above. What is more, video advertising is one of the few ads type users still perceive.
  4. Help your customers make fully-informed choices. When created professionally, promo videos allow your users to find out more about your business and brand, mission and values, products, and services, thereby helping them make informed choices and establish an emotional connection with your brand.
  5. Improve your brand recognition. As a rule, promo videos are created following a brand style and using a specific tone of voice. Using branded videos for marketing promotion contributes to brand recognition and awareness.
  6. Boost sales. An animated video for business is a great tool to improve conversions. What is more, shoppable videos are an emerging trend, and they are already here being highly demanded by Gen Z.

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Want to Create an Animated Video for Business?

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