Prototyping Your Startup Idea with the Help of Promotion Video Production

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Prototyping Your Startup Idea

The core feature of any startup is its novelty, however, any new concept should be validated, prototyped, tested, and explained to the investors and the target users. Video production as a service can cope with all of these tasks, however, let’s stop on your future product prototyping and the ways to use a promo video for this purpose.


Main Reasons Why Prototyping Is Essential

Each stage of your product development is equally important, however, any building grows up from the foundation. The prototype of your future solution is just that foundation the whole development process will be deployed around. Besides, there are more reasons to prototype your product before proceeding with investment and development.

  • Proof of concept opportunity. Prototyping is the core way of making sure that your idea will work as you expected. What’s more, there is nothing to be patented without a prototype, and that’s why prototyping is especially important when creating completely new solutions based on innovations.
  • Future product simulation. Also, a prototype, that is, a reduced and simplified model of a future product, is the best way to visualize it, making your idea more understandable, tangible, and existing in reality.
  • Following the LEAN methodology. According to this approach to product development, you should test any idea and hypothesis before implementing it in real life. Prototyping your product is one of the best practices suggested by this methodology to cut your costs and efforts.

The Place of Video Creation in the Prototype Promotion Kit

There are a lot of ways to make a prototype of your product. The easiest example is to draw your idea with a pencil and a napkin. However, there is one more powerful and versatile approach to prototyping. Doing it with the help of a short but meaningful video turns out to be one of the effective prototype promotion methods. Below are the main benefits of a prototype promotional video.

  • Great visualization. When it comes to visualization, there is no better way than visualizing any concept with the help of the video. In fact, 90-seconds-lasting video can be a better alternative to a heap of technical documentation in terms of visualizing opportunities.
  • Affordable cost. Comparing prototyping with video versus creating a real model or using augmented reality, the first option is much more affordable financially, as well as faster to implement while time and money are the key resources of any startup.
  • Suitability for projects of any complexity. Video creation is a versatile approach with a lot of tools to use. For example, complex technical projects can be prototyped with the help of 2d and 3d, while motion graphics will be enough for simpler ideas. In a nutshell, there is a lot of room for creativity and better prototype promotion ideas development.

Video as a Prototype Promotion Tool - the Ways It Can Be Useful

So, below are the ways to fit your prototype promotion video into your startup development strategy.

  • Enhance your proof of concept. Thinking, expecting, and imagining are certainly good but using video as your idea prototyping tools allows you to really see how it works. And show it to others.
  • Attract investments. Also, having a video with your future product prototype may help you to attract investments since the way you are going to solve a certain problem becomes as clear as never before.
  • Test the feedback of your target users. In addition, you may use your prototype promotion video to gain the first insights into your users’ opinions. What’s more, they may suggest some improvements to make your future product even more demanding and competitive.



Practical experience in startup development suggests that your hypothesis self-validation will be quite challenging. However, you can’t miss this stage of your project creation. Make sure to use all the tools available to find out the real potential of your idea and feel free to contact us if you need help with creating a video to validate your startup idea, attract more attention and investments, and get the real opinion of your future users!