Developing the Best UI for a Mobile Platform - Top 2021 Trends and Relevant Tips

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Ui Trends 2021

Already started planning your mobile app development strategy for 2021? Of course, you have many questions to find the right answers to. The mobile platform design is just one of the mobile development pillars, however, it will be responsible for the first user impression and their further experience with your app. In this brief guide, we’ve highlighted the most prominent mobile UI design trends and shared the actionable tips you are free to use in your mobile app development.


Mobile Platform Design and Development Trends & Tips for 2021

So, let’s find out what trends will dominate the mobile development industry in 2021 and what mobile platform design ideas you may implement as well.


Trend #1 -

Voice UI

Voice search was the trend of 2020, and this trend will continue in 2021 for two main reasons. Firstly, this is the growing popularity and availability of smart voice devices, and secondly, the shift of the user interface towards maximum humanization. With the help of voice search, in 2021, more mobile applications will become available for people with disabilities as well.

#Tip 1 - Consider this trend if your mobile app has the search function Of course, voice search is an optional feature that not all applications need. However, if your application involves search interaction, then opt for voice search. As you design this feature, remember that it should facilitate interaction instead of complicating it.


Trend #2 -

Data Visualization

Mobile applications process more and more information, and more and more users are ready to share their data, provided that they are confident in its safety. Open banking is one of the obvious examples of this statement. User data visualization is also becoming a must-have feature of the mobile platform design UI, which is especially relevant for financial applications, as well as for applications that track and analyze certain processes and their progress.

#Tip 2 - Find a clear answer to the question of what data you should analyze

Before thinking about an interface for visualizing data, find out what specific insights will bring the most value to the user. And how to arrange them in the best way for perception? Develop your mobile platform design guidelines taking the answers to these questions into account.


Trend #3 -

Dark Mode

The dark mode is a new trend in 2021. Previously, this style was used in applications that imply a high degree of anonymity, but in 2021, dark mode will be used in applications from different industries.

#Tip 3 - Give your users a choice

Most likely, users will appreciate the ability to choose between two styles - basic light and stylish dark.


Trend #4 -


Neuromorphism is one more new trend that makes the user interface more tangible, perceptible, and voluminous due to convex buttons and other visually protruding design elements.

#Tip 4 - Come up with an A/B design test

Neuromorphism is a fairly universal trend, but it's still worth making sure this is what you really need. To do this, ask yourself the right mobile platform design questions, create two design prototypes, and test each with your target audience.


Trend #5 -


Minimalist design is a trend that has been at the top of the best design practices for several years in a row. What’s more, this trend unites all the previous ones and implies a reasonable combination of simplicity and efficiency in one application.

#Tip 5 - Try to achieve maximum effect with minimum design elements

This is a fairly challenging task that requires thorough preliminary research of user experience and practical skills. Therefore, in 2021, building your solution with the help of a mobile platform design studio makes the most sense.


Key Takeaway

Thus, custom mobile app design makes the most sense if you want to come up with an outstanding, attractive, and competitive solution. What’s more, you may facilitate this task and cut some costs on it by accurately filling in the design brief. We, at Geek Powr Media, know how to design a mobile app and are ready to assist you at each stage of your project development. Feel free to reach out to us right now!