Pilot Video Production as a Way to Validate Your Startup Hypothesis

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Validate Your Idea

The creation of any startup begins with the suggestion that a certain idea can be successful in a certain market and among a certain circle of users. So why do 42% of startups remain undemanded? In most cases, the problem hides in the lack of research, analysis, and ignoring the hypothesis validation rules. In this article, we are going to tell you why testing your hypothesis is essential and how video production may help you with this task.


What Is Hypothesis Validation?

As for the hypothesis-driven validation process meaning, this is the way to make sure that your idea will be as promising as you expect it to be in the current market conditions. This is one of the essential steps of the LEAN development methodology which fully meets the “Test Before Invest Principle”. Thus, your hypothesis validation saves your money right at the idea discovering stage. However, to confirm or reject your idea, you need a whole set of research and analysis tools, for example:

  • PEST. This well-known approach allows you to find out the specifics of the market you are going to enter with your startup and the environment you will operate in.
  • SWOT. With this tool, you may evaluate your idea with fresh eyes defining its pros and cons, and thereby the ways to improve the latter while taking the specifics of your competitors into account.
  • The Five Forces methodology allows for accessing the real solvency of your users, plus the power of competitors.
  • Design Thinking. As for this method, it will be useful when drafting the first prototypes of your future solution, which surely should be also tested and validated.
  • User experience (UX) research and user acceptance testing (UAT). Researching your users’ experience and acceptance is almost the last stage in your social hypothesis validation process. The appropriate tools will help you to find out how exactly your audience will interact with the app and what are the potential flows in your design and UI.
  • However, there is one more tool that can be useful for your hypothesis testing for model validation. Yes, we are talking about video production.

Video Production in a Hypothesis Validation Toolkit - the Benefits and Perspectives

All the methods of research and analysis that we have proposed above are of a technical nature while creating a video for your future project is a more creative, and most importantly, a universal approach. So, imagine that you already have a pilot video reflecting the essence of your future startup. Here's what you can do with it for even better testing and validation of your hypothesis.

  • If your idea is technically complex, you may better explain it with the help of motion design, 3d visualization, or any other technology that suit your project specifics.
  • Show it to your focus group and conduct follow-up surveys about the clarity of the idea and its perspectives.
  • Download it to a crowdfunding platform to attract more attention to your future project.
  • Offer your potential investors to feel and appreciate all the benefits of your future solution using powerful visual means for impression enhancement.
  • Gather a lot of feedback from social media users. However, don’t forget to patent your idea before making a pilot startup video publicly available.
  • Important! Creating a pilot video to demonstrate the core idea of your startup should never be the only tool for your hypothesis testing and validation. It should always be used in combination with economical and social research methodologies.



Practical experience in startup development suggests that your hypothesis self-validation will be quite challenging. However, you can’t miss this stage of your project creation. Make sure to use all the tools available to find out the real potential of your idea and feel free to contact us if you need help with creating a video to validate your startup idea, attract more attention and investments, and get the real opinion of your future users!