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Teaching children the skills that will be essential in adulthood can be quite challenging. Teaching them money management skills may be quite difficult as well because of the nature of money itself and the great influence of the behavior of parents in regard to their finances.

So, how to explain complex things to kids? For example, how to explain the essence and the functions of money as well as the smart ways to manage them? Taking the tech-savviness of modern kids into account, designing apps for children and families and using them for everyday tasks may be a winning approach.

Standart bank application isn’t suitable in this case, since such solutions are developed for the adult target audience that is expected to already have money management skills. Thus, money management apps for kids that will be created with the specifics of the younger target audience, its age, and goals in mind seems to be a better solution for kids and parents. Money-saving apps for kids are quite efficient at teaching them such concepts as budgeting, crediting and debiting, interests, and financial goals.

Financial startup Bankaroo is one of the money management apps for children. It is aimed at making kids money-smarter by allowing them to manage their finances inside the app. The developers of this money counting app for kids did their best to help children find out how does money works, how to manage and save it, achieving their current financial goals. Parents may also benefit from this budget app for kids usage since the solutions have spending control features and the design of this app for children is perfectly balanced to make it intuitive for kids and usefull for parents.

Our demo video is aimed at showing the money app for kids prototype, its features, and the benefits of this counting money app for kids. Here is how we have coped with this task.

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