Looking for some inspiration to create your cryptocurrency application? Let’s back up your creative ideas with clear design and development requirements while taking the current trends into account.

Cryptocurrency App Design and Development Trends, Tips and Insights

Crypto Wallet App Design and Development Requirements

Before getting started with bitcoin app prototype development, it makes sense to find out the basic requirements for the creation of such applications and come up with some winning ideas for the design of your project as well.

  • Transparency. Сryptowallets as such are attractive for individual and corporate users because they provide a high level of transparency while maintaining the conditions of anonymity and irreversibility of payment. You should consider this specificity of crypto payments in your blockchain app design.
  • Safety. Because of the blockchain specifics described above, crypto wallets are the safest way to store currencies, exchange, and trade them. If you consider this requirement from the perspective of btc application design, you should be wise with color choice picking up those that point to safety, reliability, and stability.
  • Clear UX/UI. Cryptocurrencies usage requires a high level of attention plus strategic thinking skills if you are trading them. The user experience and interface embedded into the btc app design should be simple, still effective, and productivity-boosting.

Cryptocurrency App Prototype Essential Features

btc platform design and development go hand in hand, so before implementing the design solution, you should have a clear understanding of what features you are going to develop for your app, how they will contribute to the user experience, and how to keep a balance between the attractive design and intuitive UI. The following set of features will be enough for MVP development and coming up with the preliminary btc app prototype cost estimate.

  • Registration/Sign up. This is the feature allowing for starting the interaction with the app.
  • Personal profile and balance. When designing this feature, the best practice is to place it at users’ fingertips so they will instantly be able to check their balances and change the profile if needed.
  • Cryptocurrencies value trends. In the case of crypto trading apps, there should be a clear and understandable dashboard showing the cryptocurrency’s trends, values, and dynamics.
  • Trading and exchange. This is the core feature for making money with cryptos.
  • Security features. For example, your app may contain multi-signature features and/or two-factor authentication.

Crypto App Design Trends and Best Practices

So, taking into account the requirements to the bitcoin application development and the set of features essential for this solution, it becomes possible to highlight the following design trends and practices that will greatly contribute to user experience and your application popularity.

  • Data visualization. Data visualization is one of the most prominent trends in fintech application development, and it matters for BTC solution creation as well. In this case, it makes sense to research what data the users want to have analyzed and reported, and come up with an attractive dashboard.
  • Animations. When it comes to cryptos trading, most users want to know the real dynamic and trends of the coins they have. Simple animations are great ways to show it visually adding more clarity.
  • Light vs dark backgrounds. Using a black background has long been a trend for apps with a certain level of anonymity, and the crypto apps are the best examples of such a solution. What’s more, the black mode contributes to better productivity, according to some research, however, we still kindly suggest giving your users a choice between the light and dark background.
  • Austerity and minimalism. Serious apps should be looking seriously as well. That is why we used minimalistic design and strict colors for cryptocurrencies management application prototyping, and you are welcome to take a look at it below.


Designing a crypto app may be challenging since there are a lot of blockchain specifics and user expectations to keep in mind. Plus, there are some legal requirements that only complicate the crypto’s adoption. However, if you have decided to take on the BTC app development, we are here to help you with its design and prototyping. Feel free to connect!

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