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Order Delivery

Delivery apps became extremely popular under the influence of the recent pandemic and the rapid on-demand economy growth. They are quite convenient tools for quickly getting food, grocery, alcohol, and snacks delivered to your door, however, there are still a lot of factors that may contribute to the informed delivery app success and popularity among users:

  • Parcel delivery app UI. The user interface of the on-demand delivery application should be as intuitive as possible since the mood and desire of the users may change any time. The task of the UI is to allow them to perform a target action quickly and seamlessly.
  • Delivery mobile app design. On-demand applications and mobile devices make a perfect match since the smartphones that are always in the users’ pockets allow for satisfying instant necessities with the help of specialized apps. Thus, food delivery mobile app design is a must-have for creating a conversion-driving usps informed delivery app.
  • Food delivery app UX. It covers the specifics of delivery app design, its user interface and the set of the features provided. The core goal is to provide users with stumbling blocks-free experience allowing them to get what they want instantly, pay for their order in a convenient way and stay informed on the status of their orders.
  • Necessary features and integrations. On-demand apps should also have a complex architecture and a lot of integrations that are necessary to fit with perfect usability and experience. Thus, there should be order tracking functions, maps integration, payment gateways choice and data protection features.

Thus, on-demand delivery apps seem to be quite easy and intuitive solutions that help users with satisfying their instant needs, however, there is a lot of creative and technical work behind every successful application for orders delivery.

Creating a future app prototype is only one of the development steps, however, one of the most important ones. The prototype allows us to visually realize the specifics of the design, UI and UX, and find out whether the future solution will be competitive and appealing to the target users. Here is how we have coped with delivery ordering application prototyping.

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