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Practicing yoga is quite trendy in recent years since its well-being boosting capabilities go beyond improving physical health only. There are a lot of case studies confirming that yoga may be very helpful for dealing with a wide variety of physical and mental health disturbances, positively affecting these two core aspects of overall well-being. What’s more, in post-pandemic times, practicing it online with the help of a daily yoga app at home becomes quite affordable, safe, and sometimes even the only option.

If you analyze the functionality and the design of top yoga applications, you will find out that all they are striving for the intuitive UI, enjoyable UX, and actionable content. Being combined in a well-designed and developed easy yoga mobile app, such a solution really provides for physical and mental health-boosting opportunities without living your home.

Thus, neither yoga itself nor the app for practicing it should be difficult. With this statement in mind, we have invested a lot of technical and creative work in our yoga app prototype design. We have placed the highest bets on the user-friendly design, health-associated color pallets, and actionable content embedded in the form of yoga application video. As a result, here is the yoga app prototype example that proves that there is nothing difficult about doing yoga at home if you have a supportive online tool installed on your smartphone.

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