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Device commercials can be tricky. Creating them, you should never oversell but still, show the main features, explain the benefits and make users want to try the device. Video production is the best strategy to make this approach work. It opens up a lot of opportunities for developing device promo video ideas, employing creativity, explaining the ways your device works and solves the problems of potential users, showcasing the benefits, plus provoking emotions and desires.

Combining our technical skills and creative talents of our team, we have developed a device advertisement for Branto. Branto is a new generation device that makes remote communications even more efficient. But what if we say that it can also help you get your baby to sleep and keep your home safe?

It will take too long to list all Branto features, so we decided to show its use cases in this device demo video. What is more, we decided to empower Branto’s device demonstration with a short interview with its CTO and other team members to show the potential customers the faces of innovation creators and let them hear their voices in real life. Such an ultimate approach to device promotion allowed us to convey the most important marketing messages in just one video.

Do you also need help with persuasive advertising for devices? We know how to combine the best features of a device ad, video production, storytelling, and persuading techniques in one bottle.

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