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Drive Score

Since most of the cars that go all over the roads are already powered by connected technologies, there are a lot of assisting driver applications as well. Most of them are aimed at preventing a driver from distraction, optimizing their routes, controlling fuel consumption and emission, plus enhancing safety on the road.

The solution we want to introduce to you comes from the last category. This work is a driver app explainer video showcasing an application for modern drivers. It helps motorists to analyze their driving style by creating the personal driver’s profile and showing their rating based on real-time behavior and driving habits.

The potential for implementing this driver app covers the business need of:

  • insurance companies which will be able to better analyze the possible damages and the true reasons led to them, urban management,
  • traffic control bodies to confirm the grounds in a case of traffic rules violation
  • cab companies to better control their drivers, make sure their driving style is safe, and prevent vehicles from breakdowns
  • for logistic companies to keep ultimate care of driver’s and cargo’s safety.

We got started with creating this driver application explainer video by conducting a shooting with the participation of our co-workers. The first step to creating this driver application video was outlining a brief. Then we wrote a detailed script, found the actors, and proceeded to the shooting.

As the last step and the most essential task of this driver app video production, we had to combine a driver app video and audio materials properly and empower the visual impression with a clear voiceover. Although the project wasn’t a piece of cake, we are satisfied with the result and experience gained.

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