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Engine Sound

Application development is always challenging, especially if you are going to come up with something completely new. For example, an Engine Sound Application works as a tool to make the engine of an electric vehicle a little noisy, and thus allow pedestrians to better respond to an approaching vehicle and be safer. But what can be the best approach to driver app commercials when it comes to such an innovative tool?

As almost always, a driver app promotion video is one of the best strategies to market such a solution. When it comes to a video for an automotive app, this is also an opportunity to visualize the idea, explain how the application work and what benefits for the users it drives.

However, the task becomes something harder if there is a need to persuade the investors that your idea is really promising with the help of a driver app promo video. But we managed to create a compelling mobile app drive promotion video to achieve all of the above purposes with just one video product.

So, our particular task was to create an engaging, explanatory, persuasive, and demo video in one bottle and show how does an Engine Sound Application work in real-life situations, why it is capable of solving an electronic vehicle driver’s problem, and why this technology is worth investing in.

Feel free to see the results of our joint work on this project in our video driver app!

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