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Emotion-Driven Showreel - One More Idea for Your Video Marketing Strategy

Want to evoke the emotions and feelings of your target audience almost instantly ? Do it with video, music, and simple but touching stories.Watch the video above and tell us if we have coped with this task.We can create such emotional ad video highlights for your business as well, and to get started let’s find out more about emotional video ads and the best practices for their creation.

What Is a Showreel?

A showreel is an animated sequence of logically connected frames or episodes. For example, a showreel is often created to save the memories of a wedding day, to showcase the portfolio of a creative specialist, or even to share a company's achievements. This is quite a flexible approach to video production and marketing since there are a lot of creative ideas you can realize. Adding emotional detail to short-form videos created in the showreel technique is only one of them.

How to Do a Good Showreel

  • Decide on a goal.Showreel video can serve different goals - from keeping your personal memories alive to promoting your brand.To get started with its creation, decide on your primary goal.
  • Think over logic and structure. There is no video production without creativity but nevertheless, your showreel should be logically structured. Think about the highlights you would like to embed in it and the sequence they should follow to match with the showreel idea and its storyline.
  • Decide on a style. There are a lot of opportunities to create a showreel using different styles, for example, live shooting or 2D. At this stage, you have to decide which direction matches your project’s specifics best.
  • Add emotions. Emotional showreels have greater chances of becoming popular - just because all its watchers are just humans with a less or more different set of emotional triggers we respond to. Do it 8with the help of a touching story, charming voiceover, and mood-appropriate music.
  • Consider distribution channels. Depending on the goal of your showreel, decide on the perfect channel for its distribution. You may share it on social media if this is your personal showreel, place it on your website or send it by email to the prospective leads.
  • Promote and track the results. As the next step, make sure to promote your showreel but don’t be limited to the distribution channel you have created it for. Use other platforms as well, and don’t forget to track the results. Measuring the emotional engagement of video ads is essential for evaluating your showreel effectiveness.

How Long Should a Showreel Be

The perfect video length is always project-dependent, and an animation showreel isn’t an exception. On average, a marketing showreel is up to two minutes. Still, don’t take this figure as a strict limitation - if your company showreel needs more time to showcase the most essential highlights, make sure to use it.

How Much Does a Showreel Cost

The cost to create a showreel is also individual. The main factor that affects the final price is the idea behind your project. For example, if you need to hire actors to come up with a live showreel video, the price will be higher compared to the cost to create showreels using 2D animation.
The cost to design a showreel also depends on the design studio - the leading creative agencies who serve globally - famous businesses charge much more compared to the local, less known but still proficient video production companies.

You are welcome to get in touch with us for an accurate showreel creation estimate.
We would be happy to help you!

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