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Before the digital revolution in advertising, companies mostly focused on their products and services, and few people thought that the company's mission was also worth sharing. Today, an ad promoting a company's mission or philosophy is an integral part of most marketing strategies, as it allows you to connect with potential clients on a deeper level. However, a video production company mission statement should not always be limited to a mission only, because a mission is also about values, processes, and people. The video content production process is one of the best ways to showcase the most important things about your company and make a holistic impression.

We, at Geek Powr, believe that company showcase video is the best way to tell a story, show successes and achievements, contribute to company mission promotion, share plans for the future, showcase the production process video from the inside, tell about unique approaches and values, and inspire pride in your home country, its resources, and people.

We did all this in our company story promo film for one of the most successful agricultural corporations in Ukraine. This live-action company story video has become one of the calling cards of Stepova agricultural manufacturer, and can now be used to develop relationships with partners, investors, and corporate clients. This is one of the best company mission videos we’ve created and are proud of!

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