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When Guerrilla Marketing Meets Video Production

Marketing is tricky and fascinating in one bottle, especially if we talk about its guerilla approach. Are there any ways to make even more noise with your guerilla marketing, make your target audience feel and connect, and launch the powerful world of mouth? We know some winning tactics to do it.

How Does Guerrilla Marketing Work

Guerilla marketing works in a simple and complex way at the same time. The essence of this strategy is to make some kind of market disruption, attract attention and make people talk about the campaign, share its values and connect to the brand.
Guerilla marketing strategies are often tailored to the specific event or the piece of news with the aim of making even more noise around it and attracting as much public attention as possible. This approach means using unexpected, provocative, and even shocking advertising tactics to catch the target audience by surprise. Such strategies are often very creative, and what’s more, they work equally well in the online and offline space.
There are also a lot of additional tactics to streamline your guerilla marketing efforts. For example, you can create an event marketing video with viral potential to reach your prospective leads in the online space, using the type of content they are willing to interact with.
Our experience in event video ad making also suggests that guerrilla marketing can be perfectly combined with video production, making a holistic and powerful promotion strategy.

Guerrilla Marketing and Video Production Mix

Guerrilla marketing and video production go well together. Do you want to know how this is possible? Watch our event advertising video created for Velta, which helped it to implement three marketing strategies in the framework of the event, guerrilla, and video marketing. The key idea of this event marketing video is to appeal to ordinary people, their values and joys, and also to remind them that there is a company that strives to make life in their beloved city better.
Since one of the main tasks of guerilla marketing is to provoke strong emotions, either positive or negative, guerrilla marketing campaign video is quite a winning idea to strengthen the response of the audience.
Would you like to launch such a marketing campaign to promote your business? Get in touch with us for help!

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